This girl was 20 years old when she started travelling! I have to confess that at that point I did not realise how much that first big trip would change the course of my life and destiny!

Travelling for the first time abroad was the start of my adult life. Had I not gone on that trip (which I nearly did not), probably would not have opened my mind and set me on the path that I took after that.

Yes, there was a bit of hesitance, I was young, I never travelled abroad and I did not speak English, but I was always a bit adventurous, so I took a leap of faith and went.

That trip showed me that, I wanted to travel, I wanted to travel in Europe, the USA and beyond. It also showed me that I wanted to learn English, because it was a important language. I came back sold the few things I had, and took another leap of faith, and went to learn English in London.

One year, became 2, the trips started, the world was so interesting, and London became my home and the base to reach places that I dreamed of visiting. 

You have to discover the world that I did. A trip well planned is important and it makes the whole difference to go and know that everything has been planned, that the hotels, transfers, guides, places to visit have been selected carefully. 

Someone told me that she is going to Europe for a week and she will visit 5 places! Obviously this person did not ask for my advise. What you need is not the most number of cities, but the right amount of time, certainly visiting less places in 7 days would be the best come you say you visited Paris for the first time in 2 days?? A travel planner, advisor, PA, coach is very cheap because we will advise you in a way to get the BEST experience  that the place, city and country can offer you!